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The Technique

Bodhi; The word “Bodhi” comes from Pali language that originates from Sanskrit, its means “awakening”… It is an awakened visual perspective we at BodhiTechnique wish to share with the world.

Change; a continuous transition from one state to a another;
We and our world are subject to continuous change, Impermenance. Change is such a dynamic element we must learn to acknowledge and understand. Like water adapts to its surrounding contours and still maintain its natural fluid energy and movement, we must also evolve with our ever changing environments and maintain our true humanistic selves. Through change we are able to refresh our physical, visual, social, cultural, emotional, and spiritual Boundaries realising new pastures, planting new seeds along the way.

Boundaries; a tangible or non-tangible element that limits and contains;
Creative Boundaries, are there to be broken. Such boundaries are only impeded by our imagination. Imagination, is the formulation of experiences and the perceived understanding of the known and unknown world. Through the creative formulation of imagination we are able to develop a Technique.

Technique; a methodology and ability to accomplish a particular task.
The team at Bodhi Technique believes we are very fortunate to be at the crossroads of many Boundaries and to have lived and experienced many diversities which has broadened Bodhi Technique’s insight to the ever changing world, that in turn has allowed our imagination foster a unique perspective and understanding of our world. And it is this perspective we wish to share through Still and Moving imagery. It is through this perspective, the Technique, has been refined to a unique formula and approach. It is through this approach we will use to help communicate your visual message.

Bodhi Technique


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